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What Have You Heard about Companion Services

Companion agencies are those companies that provide companions for customers usually for intimate services. Generally, a meeting between a companion and a client is arranged by the agency either in a hotel room or the customer’s house (called outcall), or the companion’s residence (called the incall). There are also companions that some agencies would provide to clients for longer period of time, like when the client would go on business or holiday. Fees for booking and dispatch are paid to the companion agency, and if the client has other needs of services aside from those provided by the companion agency, the client has to negotiate this with the companion.

Since there is a law that forbids taking of payment for intimate services and arranging to contract intimate activities, companion agencies would declare that they are providing these individuals to give social or conversational services rather than the intimate services. You will notice also that companion agencies would advertise their services in such a way that offers are carefully stated and without mentioning the intimate activities that could go with it. The law and political powers are very well aware of the business and are keeping a close eye of the consequences of this business like selling of a person’s intimacy. Since the government tax and request licenses from these companion agencies, they are also viewed as unfair in this respect especially if the agency does not promote other intimate activities.

The way these companion agencies recruit individuals to work is to place employment advertisements on newspapers or magazines. These companion agencies would usually have a list of companions to cater to the different interests of their clients, from age and appearances. There are different types of companions that companion agencies would provide, from male to male, or male to female or female to female, although some agencies also would only provide one gender.

It is common for companions to get into the business by way of friends and by reading on the magazines and newspapers. Once the individual is accepted in the companion agency, this individual has to submit his or her photo which will be posted on the website of the agency, or distributed to the clientele of the agency for promotion.

A photo gallery in the website of a large companion agency is usually maintained. A customer will contact the agency and will inform them of the type of companion he or she prefers, and from there, the agency will recommend the potential companion that fits the customer’s specification.

The contact information of the client is then taken by the agency, calls the companion, and generally arranges for the appointment in order to protect the identity of the companion.

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