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Google Planner: The Lifeline For A Successful SEO

If you are currently running a business, you will agree that choosing the right keywords us very tough. Optimizing your pages or campaigns for the wrong keywords may bring you lots of traffic, but it will bring you very few sales.

So why is Google planner so important?

It’s important to have a Google planner because there is no point trying to optimize your web pages or your PPC campaigns for keywords that are too competitive or too expensive. There is no point in using keywords that may attract guests but do not want to avail the services at the end of the day.

Google planner is about determining the high traffic keywords and planning the whole thing. What keyword research is really about is identifying keyword phrases that have a really good probability of making you money!

You need to be focused on finding keyword phrases that associated with people who are looking to take action. Action Google planner are the phrases that will make you most profit.

For example, if a keyword phrase contains the word “review” or “buy”, it suggests that someone is currently looking to buy something anytime soon, either instantly or once they have read a very good review that confirms that their well-informed buying decision is a good one.

When you have generated Google Planner to a list of keywords to target, you should read each one carefully and ask yourself what the intent was of the people typing in the phrase. Were they simply searching for free advice and information, or were they looking for something with credit card in hand?

Through Google Planner tool, it would help you a lot if you are struggling to identify the intention. Select the option to display the average cost per click for each phrase returned, and then sort the keywords by cost per click, highest to lowest. Generally, the keywords that are being generating the most cost per clicks are the ones that have highest purchasing intent.

This follows since the advertisers are very much prepared to pay more for the keyword phrases that make them most of the money. So if advertisers are paying two dollars per click for a keyword, the ground is that the particular keyword is generating more sales.

Focus your online marketing efforts on optimizing your websites and campaigns on the keyword phrases in order to generate more cash. The Google planner helps you to not simply choose keywords that generate the most visitors; you need to find keywords that will bring you the most cash.

There are some Google planner on the market today that will virtually automate the keyword research process.