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Fighting Diseases with Tea One of the healthiest drinks known to man is tea. Such claims have sound scientific backing. Green tea is the most popular in this regard. Make a habit of constantly taking green tea. A healthy lifestyle will be enhanced through green tea consumption. It has been proven to reduce cholesterol levels, as it balances the levels of glucose in blood. Taking green tea will help you to focus. It is rare to find a regular green tea drinker suffering from coronary artery disease. Colon, lung and skin cancer can barely survive the presence of green tea. There is no end to what green tea can fight. It is advisable to take it regularly to ensure you are safe. An examination of green tea reveals that it acquired its name due to its retention of the original leaf color. There is no risk of excessive caffeine consumption through green tea. Since it does not ferment; it retains the fresh taste. There are many flavors of green tea. You can find a wide variety of these flavors in the market. It is through the polyphenol antioxidants that green tea has so much power over many terrible health conditions and diseases. This has been focused on especially in recent cancer research efforts. A lot of scientific studies are now taking this claims seriously. It has been found out that there are some tumors which can’t survive its presence. Green tea makes you alert and reduces your anxiety, thereby achieving better focus. The presence of catechins enables it to kill most of the food poisoning bacteria. The toxins these bacteria releases are also eliminated. Catechins also provide a suitable environment for the growth of good bacteria in the digestive tract.
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We also have other varieties of tea that are beneficial to health. Another beneficial tea in the fight against cholesterol is black tea. Regular consumption leads to unclogged arteries. As it reduces the blockages, it also makes them stronger. There is also the application in cancer eradication, and germ killing. Oolong tea is half green and half black. Some parts of oolong tea leaves do not ferment, before they are fried. This results in a rich sweet-flowery flavor. The best types are those made using traditional manufacturing processes. Through its fat metabolism, it has found application in obesity management. It also enhances the condition of strong bones, preventing the occurrence of osteoporosis. Oolong tea is important in fighting tooth decay and heart problems.
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Blending tea is a sure way of getting all the different benefits of each type. Blending has been a common practice for most tea merchants, to get the most out of the teas. Whatever your preferred type or flavor, ensure you buy it fresh and the best quality.