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The Best Tips for Excellent Window Washing

Your home will regain its brightness when the windows in your apartment are sparkling. You are able to get back the shine on your windows and transform the rooms by using different ways to clean. Successfully cleaning the windows means that you will first need to get the proper equipment. Your checklist must feature equipment such as a bucket, sponge, squeegee and a large dry brush. You will also need purpose made window cleaning solutions or just vinegar. Brown paper or newspaper are some of the things that you will also need when cleaning the windows. Window cleaning will also need you to get either a microfiber cloth or a drying pad that is lint free.

The dust that has built up will need to be removed as the first thing you do when cleaning the windows. This will need you to put aside the curtains and blinds so that you can easily clean the window to get rid of the dust. Washing the window with a sponge is the next thing that you will need to wash the window. Get warm and soapy water that you will be dipping the sponge in. It is worth noting that there are some cleaning solutions that might damage the paintwork of your house and you should be very careful when using such.

You will then wipe off any excess water using the squeegee that we had mentioned before ensuring that it is clean. The most efficient way of using the squeegee is going to the top of the window and use the squeegee downwards. The squeegee blade needs to be wiped off clean after every run down so that there is no dirt being transferred to other areas. The next step is using the microfiber cloth to get rid of any water that might have remained after using the squeegee. There might be water that has dripped down the windows onto the windowsill and this should be wiped off as well. The best time to wash windows is on a day that is cloudy.
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Sunny days will tend to leave streaks on the windows as they will be drying way too fast. The dirt will be easily noticed on the days that are sunny. During the year, make sure that you get to clean the house at least twice. You can also make the cleaning solution on your own at home by getting a few tablespoons of vinegar and adding them to a bucket of warm water. The vinegar solution will tend to give you incredibly good results especially if the windows are greasy and really dirty. The final step will be getting the glass clean by buffing using either the newspaper or brown paper recommended earlier and the ink on the newspaper will give you the shine you need.A Brief Rundown of Options