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Important Tips When Procuring an ERP Solution In the recent past, there has been an increased demand for Enterprise Resource Planning solutions for businesses of all sizes. This software is useful for the management of all the business resources ranging from human resources to office stationery to general purpose inventory. The basis for the use of this software is to ensure that all business operations are captured in the system and are thus traceable to the originators for accountability purposes. Despite there being many ERP solutions, there will be a need to make careful considerations before settling for the right solution for your business as we shall see. The nature of the business operations of an organization is the first factor to be considered when procuring an ERP solution. In most cases, ERP systems are sold in modules. By evaluating the modules offered, a business can examine to see whether its operations are supported or not. As a rule, therefore, the very elementary tasks that a business engages in on a day to day routine should form the basis for deciding which solution to buy. In this way, the business is able to procure what is necessary and thus obviate unnecessary costs. The number of system users that are available in the organization and who are going to use the ERP solution is also an important factor of consideration. A business enterprise with only a few system users should not take the burden of having to purchase a system that requires licensing for very many users since that will be unnecessary waste. In most cases, the number of users on a system will dictate the amount of money charged for the solution procured. As a result of this, therefore, a good judgment of the minimum number of system users is necessary before any procurement can be done.
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The other factor that will influence the kind of ERP solution to go for is the hosting options offered by the vendor. Since hosting of ERP solutions can be costly for the buyers, it is crucial that the buyers go for a case where the vendor is hosting the services for them so that they are less burdened by the solution costs. Furthermore, in instances where the hosting is done online, buyers should readily accept to purchase such solutions since they permit for more flexibility in matters related to access, the maintenance of the software as well as the management of down times.
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In conclusion, the buyer should also consider the subscription options offered for the solution. Business organizations should go for ERP systems whose subscription offerings are flexible to meet their budget from time to time. The subscription offerings should also allow for buyers to pay on a demand basis so that they don’t have to pay upfront for what they have not used.