Why Blogs By Moms Are So Popular

Hundreds of different “Mommy Blogs” are currently operated by all types of mothers. There are stay-at-home moms, working ones, single ones, adoptive ones, and those with many children. They are of different faiths, philosophies, perspectives, income brackets, and educational backgrounds. A simple search for “Mom Blogs” yields over one million results. There is even a website designed to direct browsers to top rated blogs.

One reason these blogs are so popular is because the information is honest, varied, and helpful. Everyday delights and challenges are shared, clever ideas to make life easier are presented, and there are discussion pages on most of them so parents can exchange stories, support, and ideas. Recipes and crafts can be found, relevant products and services are reviewed, and news regarding schooling, discipline, and medical issues are often addressed. The blogs will not include expert advice, will not be written by professionals, and will not replace common sense. What they will include is shared experiences, possible solutions, and activities and situations that taught moms important lessons or helped put life into perspective.

Another reason is the format provides an opportunity for mothers to get info online at their convenience and with a degree of anonymity. New mothers may feel frustrated, confused, or even stupid so asking advice or posing a question without revealing identity has appeal. It is also likely that mothers may not have time to send an email or visit a blog during the day. Browsing blogs in the early hours of the morning may be the only time it can be fit into the schedule.

Many blogs have contests, giveaways, and special offers from advertisers and sponsors. Mothers who sign up or register are eligible to participate and win prizes. It is a way to promote new products and it also provides extra income for the blog operator. Some mothers elect to stay home when children are young, or lessen the number of hours worked each week to devote time to the family. Blogs are an easy way to supplement income. Establishing a new blog is fast and easy, depending on the blog platform selected for set up and hosting. Compare some blog hosting companies to get excellent services if there is interest in beginning your very own blog.